Vacancy for Contract Services Provider- PARISH LENGTHSMAN


Vacancy for Contract Services Provider


Stoke Bliss, Kyre and Bockleton Parish Council are seeking to appoint a Lengthsman (preferably qualified) for 2022/23.

Deadline for applications 12 Noon 31/12/2021


The Parish Lengthsman is a self-employed person who can really make a difference to the community environment by maintaining roadside verges and drainage. The work may be expanded to include other small-scale maintenance work.  Appropriate basic training on the hazards of working in the highway and standards of work to be achieved will be provided.

This contract for services is for one year only but may be extended, commencing on April 1st 2022.

Lengthsman duties include:


  • Clear gully grates.
  • Clear verge grips.
  • Clear headwalls, outfalls.
  • Rod blocked drains if practical.
  • Advise landowners and frontagers when their ditches need cleaning.
  • In especially difficult circumstances clear ditches – with prior agreement of the Council.

Vegetation Clearance:

  • Remove vegetation obstructing signs.
  • Remove vegetation at junction visibility splays.
  • Removal of basal tree growth from highway trees.
  • Pulling / cutting of noxious weeds following site specific approval from the Council.
  • Side out footways to normal width and spread arisings on verge where possible.
  • Negotiate with frontagers for them to cut back overhanging vegetation.


  • Rotation and charging of mobile Vehicular Activated Signs (VAS) following site specific approval and authorisation from the Council.
  • Clean dirty signs and/or retighten brackets, reposition signs which have been knocked out of place where no excavation is required (except illuminated signs).
  • Painting of heritage cast iron direction signs.
  • Snow clearance and gritting / salting by hand.
  • Removal of illegal fly posting.
  • Maintenance and repainting of highways approved visibility fencing.
  • Cleaning of subways.

The Lengthsman will be required to travel around the parish at short notice.

For an application form contact The Clerk at You will need to give 2 references, one of which must be an existing employer.